My Career

i chose my career option as a marine biologist .
the reason why i chose this ,is because i love being around the sea ,
i love to learn about living creatures lurking in the deepest of sea's,
and i want to find out  about unknown creatures etc.
i want to attend simon fraser university because ,
it has the courses that i need in order to become a marine biologist .
my long term goal has been, and always will be to become 
a marine biologist :)

biology is a very braod field dedicated to the study of 
all aspects of living things , their habitats and their vital  processes .
wages include:
starting wage : $19.9 hourly 
average wage : $25.63 hourly 
top wage : 32.31 hourly
i am suitable for this occupation because ,i grew up living near the sea and i am a very good swimmer . here is the video preview